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At LIFE PEPPER Inc., we pride ourselves on being a young, dynamic and multicultural team that can provide fresh insights that have the potential to drive our clients further and faster. Our team members have experiencing living internationally, including America, France, Italy, China, Taiwan, Australia, etc. At LIFE PEPPER we speak 6 different languages. It is exactly because we have experience living in different countries as well as knowledge of several languages at a native level that we can understand the message your brand is sending and successfully localize it adapting it to Japanese speakers, rather than providing an automatic, ineffective translation.

Our team is comprised of web designers, marketers, digital advertising specialists and web developers. Utilizing our marketing expertise in all sectors, we are committed to bringing you the best possible solution to your business needs in order to achieve and exceed your target objectives.

Our Clients & Partners
CEO: Tetsuya Suganuma
Tokyo University graduate and founder of LIFE PEPPER, Inc. Having Japanese and Chinese origins, he has always had an interest in the relation between Japan and China. Alongside his studies, he has launched his own services in the areas of recruiting and education. Creative and entrapreneurial, through LIFEPEPPER Tetsuya wants to enable the globalisation of Japanese companies as well as the success of foreign businesses in Japan.
CEO: Shigeto Tominaga
Co-founder of LIFE PEPPER Inc, Shigeto has lived in France for 12 years before starting his Economics Bachelor in Japan. During his studies, he has leaded an event planning society and developed a translation service. Following the enormous success of some of the events he managed, his story has been on TV and newspapers. He founded LIFEPEPPER as he sees the internationalisation of Japanese companies as a huge opportunity.
Chairman: Yukihiro Yoshida
Worked as a Franchise System Designer, as well as a Franchise Developer, Supervisor, Educator, and System Developer at Gulliver International. In 1996, he became the Executive Director. 4 years after Gulliver was founded, the company expanded across Japan and went public. After resigning in 2013, he is currently supporting young entrepreneurs to grow into successful business leaders. He has helped found LIFEPEPPER Inc, and he currently serves as chairman.
Operating Officer: Yusuke Takahashi
Entering the Ministry of Economics, Trade, and Industry in 2009, first as part of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy and later transferred to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency after the 2011 Earthquake. He helped launch the Nuclear Regulation Authority and served as account for the Authority. His experience as a Government Administrator and his understanding of the Japanese Economy make his advice and support invaluable to Japanese and Foreign businesses wanting to succeed in the Japanese market. He left his position at the Ministry in 2015, and joined LIFE PEPPER as a member.